The items on this page are products I love and use!!

Many of these are affiliate links which is a fancy way of saying if you click the link and decide to buy the product I get a few measly cents for the referral at no extra cost to you! These pennies go into the piggy bank to help keep this blog going, and we want that don’t we, yes, yes we do! Thank you for your amazing, awesome, rockstar support!


Links to awesome products by awesome sellers: – for all kinds of fabrics online. I shop the sale stuff and for fabrics which I can’t find locally.

Valli Schiller Quilts – her rulers are awesome. My fave is the Mighty Mini Ruler for stitch in the ditch and more.  

Patsy Thompson Designs – a variety of rulers. I LOVE the Line Tamer Ruler but check out all her products!

Superior Threads – for their thread and titanium coated needles.  Favorite threads include King Tut, Bottom Line, and Sew Fine.


A little about some of the products below: I use the Machingers gloves to help me move the fabrics while FMQ. They work great. The tracing paper is for all kinds of stuff, helps me think, work out designs, and cut out and trace around stuff. The lightbox helps with tracing drawings (or you can hold your fabric and drawing up to a window). I prefer to use the Crayola Washable crayons for marking on any quilts I’m going to wash; they wash out perfectly; the lighter colors are great for dark fabrics, but I also love the heart Chakoner for a light chalk line (the chalk pens seem to put too heavy a chalk line, or maybe it’s just me!). The air and water soluble blue and purple pens are great if you’re going to wash something, just use cold water the first time, no ironing or hot water because that will set the color! I keep the embroidery scissors on top of my Q20 and use them to snip threads; love it!



 The items below are items I use with my BERNINA Q20 longarm. Some of these may work on your machine, too.


Additional products that make my life easier and leave me more time for quilting or just enjoying life!