Another fearless experiment with paint! (I say fearless because I don’t know about you but I find a blank canvas or a blank piece of fabric quite intimidating!!) I got a nice set of Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow fabric paints (all fabric paints are linked in my Products tab) and wanted to see how they worked. I had this small (8″ square) piece of white fabric on which I had painted 6 gold balls using Jacquard metallic fabric paint. The balls were painted a year ago– I think you call that a UFO (Un-Finished-Object). I decided it was time for a close encounter with my UFO.


So, I wet the fabric down with a small spray bottle filled with water and painted the Dye-Na-Flow onto the wet fabric, creating a rainbow effect. I then threw some salt crystals onto it since it came in the package, and why not? This is the result. I was a bit concerned that these paints have a bit more of a neon look than I liked, definitely more intense than Inktense. So that will impact how I use them in the future.


Closeup of the salt effect, but don’t get excited, it really did not show up once this was quilted!


Next, I used some Jacquard metallic paint and painted the gold balls again, plus some others and in different colors. I then quilted the entire piece using different colors of thread to match the color transition of the background for the most part. I then went back over the metallic balls and did spirals over them. Not planned at the outset. I usually don’t even know what I’m going to do till I’m doing it. That’s the fearless part, too; at any moment you can screw things up! ha. I can tell you that metallic paint shows every needle hole so there is no going back from that (even your seam ripper won’t save you).


Since I’m a maniac, I did lots more colors of thread. If you look close you can see I randomly added a contrasting thread here and there. It was a lot of starts and stops, yes. It might have even been a waste of time because I’m guessing 99% of the persons who look at this will never look close enough to appreciate my on-so-clever, artsy thread efforts. Oh well. I do. (And… I’m afraid there is no known cure for being a maniac either. Us maniacs gotta do what us maniacs gotta do!)



Here’s what the center of my art piece looked like. I say center because this was really too small as is. Can you see the salted effect? Not so much.


I knew I wanted to mount this onto canvas, so I selected a 12″ square gallery-wrapped white canvas. I then cut a white background piece upon which to center my center (yes you read that correctly)! I almost did a black background on black canvas; both looked equally nice. I quilted a design that was similar to the center but with larger spirals and in a slightly contrasting off-white thread. I then turned the edges under on both pieces and glued these to the canvas using some serious fabric glue (I like Aleen’s Ok to Wash It; the link is on my Products page–it’s great on lots of things and can be laundered).


Not too bad for a shabby little UFO of white fabric and gold balls. See, you never know what you can do unless you try? Being fearless is the key. If this had not turned out how I wanted, I would not have had any problem throwing it in the trash either. That’s the other key; do not worry about messing up. Just go on to the next fearless project, and you just might have something worth keeping!  Oh, and my husband said this looks like a galaxy, so that’s what I meant for it to be then!