I found two gorgeous Kaffe Fassett prints and paired them with Moda orange grunge to make two lap quilts, each 55×70″. [Actually, I’ve found way way way more than two gorgeous Fassett prints…and other prints!! If this keeps up I may qualify for an intervention! But doesn’t every quilter??]

My piecing “design” was based on the fact that I had 3 yards of the printed fabrics for the backing. I had a small section left over so I used it in the middle on the front of each quilt.  That’s it, instant, quickie quilt design! I love it when I have something fast and easy to quilt right away. Piecing tops is not my favorite thing to do. I’d just rather be quilting!

First up: ORANGE PAISLEY QUILT.  Here’s my beautiful fabrics. The paisley is stunning and served as inspiration for how I wanted to quilt this.


I decided to quilt designs which were simplified designs based on the paisley fabric itself. I used different colors of Glide thread so the quilting would stand out. I always say if I’m going to go to all this trouble I want to be able to SEE it! Once a quilt is washed there is always a bit of shrinkage which can obscure the stitches a little or a lot. Colored, contrasting thread does a lot to not get lost in the wrinkles. Lots of starts and stops, changing thread colors, so yes this was a bit tedious. I’m a crazy person, yes, so?


These next few shots show more inspired detail. I looked at the paisley fabric and decided to continue the paisley designs in a ghosted effect onto the orange grunge fabric.


I did a bunch of big flowers around the perimeter, too. Again, with contrasting threads.


And here’s a fuller shot showing the entire quilt. I used Dream Wool batting.

NEXT UP: LOTUS FLOWER QUILT. Same design. Print on the back, leftover section on the front in the middle.

The lotus flowers on the fabric inspired the flowers I did all around the perimeter. I used contrasting thread, of course, and went all the way around using the same color thread to save time. Then went back around with different color thread, and so on.


After I got all the flowers done I did spirals as fill. After I took this picture I then did more spirals in the middle, too.


And here’s the finished quilt! This took me 10 hours; most of that was spent doing the flowers, changing threads, starting and stopping (since the flowers were not continuous free motion quilting! That’s like hitting speed bumps; it does slow you down. Did I mention I was crazy? Oh well, all artists are a bit crazy! But look what we have to show for the craziness!


If you’re new to my blog, be sure to see my very first blog post “How I Got Started” (Archives: October 8, 2018) which covers my first three months learning to free motion quilt!