Another fabric whisperer moment. Once again, minding my own business, although what business I had in a fabric store AGAIN, who can say? (Seriously, I have enough fabric to quilt for an army by now.) Anyway, there I was and suddenly this fabric whispered, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a quilt inspired by me??!” My first reaction was no, no it would be difficult! I mean, I was clueless. Inspiration did not hit in a flash. But, just in case, I got this fabric plus 3 colors of Moda Grunge (gold, aqua, and dark teal). No plan, just a hunch. I then went home to try to figure out where to store more fabric; that was the real challenge here!


Many months later, like 10 months later I finally accepted the fabric whisperer challenge in September 2018. (Yes, this is current; thought I’d skip around now.)  And here is the result.


Here’s how it came about. I had the idea of doing giant flowers and a feather on the light aqua fabric. But, trying to do giant designs on a sit-down machine is tricky, you can’t see your entire area to be quilted. So, although I normally don’t like marking my fabric I knew I’d get lost if I didn’t do something. Getting lost is not something you want to do at 10 stitches per inch, trust me! No matter how fond you are of your seam ripper, you do not want to push your luck.  So, I drew the flowers onto tracing paper and pinned them where I wanted them to go. I then cut out the shape of each and traced around it lightly with a WASHABLE Crayola crayon (these washable crayons do wash out perfectly!).


I did the same for the big feather. Those two white things are pattern weights; nice and heavy, hold down your paper or small pieces of fabric very nicely! You could also use small cans, or giant cans, you get the idea! I often use cans of beans to hold my fabric in place because I like to let the fabric know who’s in control!


I then quilted in a teal color thread.


I also used gold and white thread. This pic shows you how big the central flower is.


I got my inspiration for the crane from the gold ink on the fabric!


For the gold fabric I wanted flowers but instead of filling in with the small spiral I did a different filler. I drew a bit of a grid to help me stay somewhat symmetrical. Lots of starts and stops around the flowers. For the flowers in the gold fabric, I quilted those in a dark gold then accented with white and yellow thread. The feather spiral at the bottom was so big (15″ tall) I drew the stem in crayon then used a Westalee concentric circle ruler to get the main curves on the spiral; just could not get it done freehand like I wanted.

I used the dark teal fabric for the binding, too. This uses one layer of Quilter’s Dream Wool. I used Glide thread for everything but the fill; I didn’t want a sheen, so I used Aurifil for the fillers.


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© Beverly Guhl, 2018